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Who IS Thomas Lessman?


  I'm a life-long Shawnee County resident who was born in Topeka in 1977.  Professionally I'm an Information & Computer Specialist who contracts through Spherion.  My work experience ranges from farming and landscaping to construction, clerical, and computers.

  From 1983 I attended Tecumseh North Elementary, then Shawnee Heights where I graduated in 1996.  I have a high level of respect for the teachers and administrators of USD 450, and they earned it.


  I became a Father at age 16.  It wasn't easy finishing school as a young single father, especially while working after school as a Janitor to pay child $upport.  With help from my mother I succeeded, and I learned valuable lessons that helped shape who I am today.


  Life has taught me the importance of being actively involved in our community.  We make it what it is by participating and leading.  If we fail to get involved, or decide to move away, we all suffer.


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What have I been doing?


  * As a Father since age 16, I know the struggles that families and single parents face.  My experiences have shown me that the government usually creates more problems for families than it solves.  The solution is to KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT of families!


  * As Chairman of the Million Dads March Network, I've helped create a worldwide network of advocates & activists dedicated to reforming the Family Law System.
   See www.MillionDadsMarch.org for more information.


  * As President of ACFC-KS I've continued the work of prominent Kansans by fighting for the rights of citizens and families.
   See www.ACFC-KS.org for more information.


  * Several of my letters have been published in local newspapers.  See the News page.


  * In 2004 I ran for the Kansas House District 53 as a Libertarian. (My first campaign!)


  * In 2005 I helped with the Vote NO! consolidation campaign to stop the big-money power grab to consolidate the city of Topeka and Shawnee County.


  * In January 2006, I helped organize rallies to fight Eminent Domain Abuse and prevent the seizure of Jerry's Bike Shop and Oscar's Bar. 


  * In May 2006 I helped found Citizens for Immigration Reform (now known as CaiiTopeka or Citizens Against Illegal Aliens - Topeka), working to stop the dangerous invasion of illegal aliens into the US and Kansas.

  * In 2006 I ran my 2nd campaign for KS House Dist. 53 as a Libertarian. 

  * In January 2007 I organized another rally against Eminent Domain Abuse , to help defend the rights of property owners and a long-time, well established business (Tom's Auto Repair).

  * In June 2007 I was a primary organizer of the 1st Truckhenge Music Festival (aka the "F*** Phelps Phestival").

  * In September 2008 I was a primary organizer of the 2nd Truckhenge Music Festival.



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