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1.  Lessman's Farm and Truckhenge


2.  World History by TAL


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Activists & Advocates


Joe Ledbetter

Sonny Scroggins

Thomas Lessman



Kansas Citizen Organizations

 American Coalition of Families & Citizens - KS

 Americans For Prosperity

 Bias Busters of Kansas

 Citizens For Immigration Reform

 Kansas Taxpayer's Network

Neighborhood Watch Watch


National Organizations

 American Coalition of Fathers & Children

 Fathers 4 Justice USA

 Million Dads March network

 Parents Without Rights


Topeka Businesses


Gary's Gutter Cleaning Service


Jerry's Bike Shop (Topeka, KS)

KS Computer Recycling Center (Topeka, KS)

Kansas Small Business Association


Kansas Travel




Media Websites:



* Kansas Newspapers List (by city)

Topeka Metro News

Topeka Capital-Journal

Lawrence Journal-World


Broadcast Radio Shows (Kansas)

* Kansas Radio Stations List (SHG Resources)

The Jim Cates Show on CJonline

On the Other Hand on AM 580 WIBW


Internet Radio Shows

Annie Armen Live Talk Radio

 Kids' Rights Radio


Topeka Television

* Kansas TV Stations List (SHG Resources)

 On Second Thought Libertarian Review

 CBS 13, WIBW (Topeka, KS)

 NBC 27, KSNT (Topeka, KS)

 PBS 11, KTWU (Topeka, KS)


Miscellaneous Media


 Men's News Daily

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Fun & Games Links

Dragon Court (free java game) -


Libertarian Websites:

Libertarian Party official website
Libertarian Party of Kansas (LPKS)
  LPKS online network
  LPKS Meetup site

LNEKs (Libertarians of NorthEast Kansas)

LSOCKs (Libertarians of South-Central Kansas)



Other Websites:


 Million Dads March network
American Coalition of Families & Citizens - Kansas Chapter
Men's News Daily online
Kids' Rights Radio online






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