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* Below are some helpful resources and tools I've found over the years.  Most of these are free, so they might not be as good as some expensive programs, but they come in handy when you need them. This page is nowhere near complete; I'm still trying to figure out the best way to add all the other resources and links I have!


If you know of any other great resources I don't have listed, I'd appreciate it if you could email it to me at tal@thomaslessman.com.


Online Resources for Activists


Million Dads March Resources
* Worldwide Contacts
* State Contacts
* MDM Materials page


Great Tips & How-to Info
  * Protect your PC: 5 Step Guide
  * YIS Resources page

  * Quick Tips Computer Info

Computer Resources
   * My Favorite Computer Resources
   * Great Downloads & Programs
   * Anti-Virus & Spyware
   * Computer Utilities & Tools

Activist Resources
   * General Information Resources
   * Legal Resources
   * Media Guides
   * Miscellaneous Resources




Computer Resources


Computer Resources & Tools:

  * PCPitStop.com (free diagnostic tools).
     1.  Full PC Tune-up
     2.  Internet Connect Speed
     3.  Disk Health Test

     4.  PC PitStop Anti-Virus Center

  * PC Performance Wizard (free performance tool)


Great Downloads & Programs
  *  www.Google.com/tools/

  * www.FreeDownloadsCenter.com
  * Tech Spot Downloads Center
  * www.Downloads.com
  * www.TopDownloads.net
  * www.DriverGuide.com
  * www.ZDNet.com


Anti-Virus and Spyware Programs
  * AVG Anti-Virus Guard (free Anti-Virus)
  * Ad-Aware SE Personal (Ad remover)
  * Spybot Search & Destroy


Computer Utilities and Tools
  * WinZip 9.0 SR-1 (Trial ZIP utility)
  * ZipCentral (freeware ZIP utility)


Email Managers
  * Eudora (useful, popular, and free!)
  * Pegasus


Website Editors & Programs
  * 1st Page 2000 (free html editor)


Activist Resources


Shared Parenting Access & Resource Center
  * www.DeltaBravo.net (S.P.A.R.C.)
Men's Activism - www.MensActivism.org

     (great site with plenty of information).


General Information Resources
  * SHG Resources
  * www.RefDesk.com
  * www.Ask.com
  * www.About.com


Language Translators
WorldLingo Computer & Professional


Legal Resources
  * Find Law - www.FindLaw.com
  * www.DadsRights.com (Jeff Leving's site)


Media Guides
  * RefDesk.com US & World Newspapers list


Miscellaneous Resources
  * Men's Activism
  * Family Rights Advocacy Tools
  * Activism for Newbies
  * ANCPR -
What YOU can do



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   Email:  tal@ThomasLessman.com


   Mail Address:
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